OPD Facilities

Obstretics & Gynecology

Dr. Shobhaa Bembalgi provides OPD consultation for Ante Natal (Pregnancy) cases along with ultrasound scanning, infertlilty, hisgh risk pregnancies, Cancer cervix screening through calposcopy, gynecological cases including white discharge and abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Medicine OPD

Consultation for various deseases related to diabetes, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Problems, Liver & Gastro Instestinal system, Erectile dysfunction & Sexual related problems, Geriatric problems, Infections like Typhoid, Malaria, HIV, TB & various Illnesses which is to be seen by physician and also emergency services.


A well equipped & well manned OPD offers physiotherapy services for neurological, orthopedic, pediatric cases needing physiotherapy.Also offers Ante-Natal physiotherapy & some gynaecological issues where physiotherapy plays an important role.We also have an Obesity Clinic for weight loss and maintainance

Our Departments